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RMS Queen Mary Orb Activity - May, 2016

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This intriguing orb activity was captured in the R DECK Forward area, very close in proximity to where the ship sliced in half her WWI British escort ship, HMS Curacoa, during her WWII troopship transport days.  This area is above the forward cargo hold where numerous German and Italian prisoners-of-war were kept during WWII.  Sadly, many of these men succumbed to the cargo hold’s harsh conditions, ultimately causing hunger, dehydration and heat prostration.  Many people, including both Tony and I, have experienced paranormal activity in the R Deck Forward and cargo hold areas.

Paranormal researchers, including myself, dismiss the majority of orbs as they can be explained away.  Typically, dust, moisture, bugs, lens flares, usage of digital cameras, etc. all create circular orbs in photographs.  99.9% of orbs are NOT paranormal in origin.  For those that are, however, they are usually seen with the naked eye prior to photographic capture or have an unusual flight pattern not created from natural air currents. 

The orb-like activity in this video is especially interesting as many people visiting this specific area of the ship report visual orb-like activity in its vicinity.  Also, the flight pattern of the orb in this video is quite unusual.