Paranormal Shipwalk Highlights / Photograph Comparisons March 2018

I am honored to be a frequent guest on Tony Ashlin’s Paranormal Shipwalk tour aboard the RMS Queen Mary.  Tony is a gifted tour guide and I highly recommend attending his Dining with the Spirits and Paranormal Shipwalk tours.  On March 7, 2018, I drove up to the ship in the late afternoon and had some time to walk around priorContinue reading “Paranormal Shipwalk Highlights / Photograph Comparisons March 2018”

Possible Anomalous Engine Room Photograph

Hello Nicole. Ryan Piper again. In case you have my memory, a bit over a week ago I emailed you about an experience my wife and I had on our Queen Mary visit on March 10-12. Remember, the sound of something rolling down the deck over our heads etc? I asked you to forward theContinue reading “Possible Anomalous Engine Room Photograph”

Churchill Suite Encounters

My wife and I had our wedding ceremony on the Queen Mary with the Commodore as our official. We had a great time. We checked in at the front desk but the room wasn’t ready so we decided to experience the tea room for noon tea. We were walking on the port side walkway whenContinue reading “Churchill Suite Encounters”