Her Spiritual Residents

The RMS Queen Mary has some of the most beautiful spiritual energy around.  In a way, her spiritual phenomena helps to share the story of her unrivaled career on the high seas; a quest to help keep both her living and haunted legends afloat.  By having an experience with one of the Mary’s spiritual residents, you are partaking in her historical splendor.

Some of the Well-Known Spiritual Residents

Jackie – The Queen Mary’s Spiritual Ambassador

Jackie is probably the most celebrated little spirit aboard the Queen Mary.  Many people travel to the ship each year to experience her energy and communicate with her.  Many theories attempt to explain her origins; however, there is no documented information that Jackie ever sailed on the Mary.  With this said, Jackie makes herself known to many people in many areas of the ship; however, she is widely known for loving the ship’s former first and third class pool.  After spending 15 years working with Jackie, I feel she is a highly evolved spirit who may just be the Mary’s spiritual ambassador.  I am humbly honored to have had the chance to build a rapport with Jackie over the years.  Picture Shirley Temple: Jackie is about 6-years-old and is sometimes seen wearing a blue or pink dress or night gown.  She has short and curly blond hair and is often seen or heard laughing and dancing within the pool’s confines and other areas of the liner.  She is very friendly and loves to play games and sing songs, such as “London Bridges” and “Ring-around-the-Rosy.”

J.P – 1966 Fireman and Bilge Cleaner

Out of respect for this man and his family, I will only use his initials when talking about him.  Eighteen-year-old J.P. from Yorkshire, joined the Queen Mary’s crew on March 30, 1966.  He was originally assigned to the boiler room #3 as a fireman and bilge cleaner.  On July 10, 1966, J.P. was found about 3:55 a.m. trapped in watertight door #13, located in the aft engine room’s starboard shaft alley.  At the time of the accident, the vessel was in fog and all watertight doors in the boiler and engine rooms were closed on bridge control and working properly.

To date, no one exactly knows what happened to J.P.  In my humble opinion, I believe a tragic accident occurred.  A former engine room crew member who was aboard at the time of the accident feels that J.P. was manipulating the black levers on the forward and aft side of the water-tight door at the time of his passing.   After he was found, he later passed away in the ship’s hospital.  J.P. is often seen or heard in the boiler rooms and engine room.  People have seen a young man clad in crew-attire overalls in the vicinity.  Some individuals see him with a beard; however, the beard can be mistaken for grease marks.  J.P. is very friendly and seems to enjoy communicating with guests.  I have personally seen him twice, once in the aft engine room and another time in boiler room #3.  When you visit the ship’s aft engine room, please take some time to pay your respects to J.P.  His legacy lives on in the soul of the ship and in all the lives he touched.

William Eric Stark – Senior Second Officer

William Eric Stark had a tragic end while working on the Mary.  Shortly after completing his duties on September 18, 1949, at around 22:00, Stark announced that he had consumed a drink mixed with carbon tetrachloride, having confused it with gin.  After drinking it, he knew right away that something was not right as he complained of extreme stomach upset.  He called Dr. O’Mera and let him know that he could not detect the smell of tetrachloride as he was fighting a cold.  Over the next couple of days, his condition worsened and he fell into a coma and passed away on September 22, 1949.  His ethereal form has been seen in his personal quarters and walking around Sun Deck. Former tour guide, Tony Ashlin, also relayed that he has been seen in the aft engine room as well, standing on the Queen Mary Engine Starting Platform (Control Panel) with a clipboard in his hands.

World War II Servicemen and Prisoners of War

Since the Queen Mary carried hundreds of thousands of WWII servicemen to and from their destinations, it comes as no surprise that the ship will house either residual or intelligent energies of those who served in the war.  Many people, including myself, have seen men clad in military attire from the WWII time period.  Interestingly, hotel guests have seen groups of ghost soldiers roaming the A, B and M decks.  Additionally, I have both heard and captured EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) of men talking about military duties.  Sadly, during the war, both German and Italian prisoners of war were held in the forward cargo hold area.  With standing room only and only bread and water to eat/drink, many of them tragically succumbed and their physical bodies thrown unceremoniously overboard.

In my book, Spirited Queen Mary:  Her Haunted Legend, I discuss a sad encounter with one of the POW ethereal energies – so sad, that I shed tears.   There is also an Italian POW without legs in the former first and third class pool room.  One time as I was talking to this POW, I was letting him know that he is free to move on to a better place and no longer feel confined to the mortal world.  After I finished talking, I heard a disembodied male say “thank you.” Take some time to study the different uniform looks of various soldiers from the WWII time period as it will help you to determine the rank and squadrons.  Of course, take some time to thank these men for their tireless service.

Captain John Treasure Jones and Commodore Sir Edgar Britten

Both the spirited forms of Captain John Treasure Jones and Commodore Sir Edgar Britten have been seen aboard.  Commodore Britten assumed command of the ship on December 1, 1935.  Captain Treasure Jones assumed command on September 8, 1965 and also on the final 1,001 peacetime voyage (October 31, 1967).  Many people have seen both men clad in their uniforms in various areas on the Queen Mary.  Sadly, Commodore Britten suffered a stroke in his cabin and later passed away in a nursing home.  According to tour guide, Tony Ashlin, guests have seen Britten saluting a flag in the propeller area.  I have seen John Treasure Jones in the aft engine room.  When the sighting occurred, I looked through the photos of the captains / commodores, which confirmed that the man I saw was indeed Treasure Jones.  A huge honor to see him in ethereal form.

Ghost Cats

The former first and third class pool women’s changing room is home to a ghost cat or two.  I have audibly heard the cat meow on several occasions.  While inside the changing room in 2014, I actually saw the cat as it walked from one of the changing rooms opposite me and proceed out of the entrance to the rooms.  A few moments later, I saw it walk back into the changing room area, followed by a loud meow and motion back to the stall it came from.  We have even documented the kitty’s vocalizations via EVP as well.

Former Passenger Sightings

The apparitional sightings of former passengers are also seen aboard various areas of the liner.  However, in my opinion, these sightings occur most often on the hotel decks (A, B and M decks).  People have described seeing glimpses of people adorned in vintage clothing only to have them disappear before their eyes.  In the Observation Bar, a woman adorned in Emerald Green attire is often seen.  While staying on A Deck, I came back to my cabin in the wee hours of the morning after an investigation.  When I arrived in my stateroom, I noticed this strong scent of men’s cologne, reminiscent of Old Spice.  It seemed to be restricted to the bathroom area.  I checked the hallway outside my room and no man was present.  I also checked with the front desk staff to see if I had guests staying in the adjacent cabins.  To my surprise, no one was staying in the rooms on either side of mine.  In my research, I have talked with other guests who have encountered this same phenomenon.  Interestingly, this typically occurs on A Deck.  These occurrences are most likely residual imprints from years past; however, they still make an impression on those who visit the Mary.

The Lady in White

The lady in white is a very popular spirit on the Queen Mary.  Many people feel that she is somehow attached to the piano located in the A Deck lobby bar. She has been seen in the hotel deck area, the Cabin Class lounge (now called the Queen’s Salon on Promenade Deck) and near the A Deck lobby bar.  Tour guide, Tony Ashlin, saw the lady in white exit one of the port side B Deck staterooms and proceed aft toward the vicinity of the Isolation Ward.  Thus, he surmises that she was a former nurse who worked on the ship.  On the first class stairway, I have seen a tall woman with long dark hair adorned in a white gown.

The Boy in Blue

Another popular child ethereal energy on the Queen Mary is seen wearing blue Edwardian clothing or what some people describe as a sailor’s suit.  Tour guide, Danny Rangel, experienced this little boy in the former first and third class pool.  Since he is seen in the pool area, many people wonder if he has a familial connection to Jackie.  He is described as having reddish-brown curly hair and being around 3-years-old to 4-years-old.  People have seen him in other areas of the ship, including the boiler rooms and former Queen Mary story area.  Based on peoples’ experiences, I do believe that he is an intelligent spirit as opposed to a residual imprint.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill

Prime Minister Winston Churchill is a huge historical figure related to the Queen Mary.  During portions of WWII, the entire M Deck was reserved for him and his entourage.  There is even a fantastic suite on board properly named after him.  Churchill planned the D-Day invasion while sailing on the Queen Mary.  His spirit form is often witnessed by many ship guests.  Typically, he is seen in or near his suite, on Promenade Deck, Sun Deck and Sports Deck.  Tour guide, Tony Ashlin, remarked that one of his guests saw Churchill’s apparitional form standing on Sports Deck smoking one of his infamous cigars.   My mom, Norma, has also encountered Churchill’s spirit form.  While walking past his suite on M Deck, she smelled a strong cigar aroma.  This also occurred for her near the starboard Promenade stairs, which lead up to Sun Deck.  I have often humorously surmised if Churchill finds my mom’s energy appealing.  Due to the nature of his ethereal appearances, I have often wondered if he appears in both intelligent and residual form.

Shadow Form Energies

Ethereal shadow forms seem to occur quite frequently on the ship, especially in the former first and third class pool.  Many people, including myself, on numerous occasions, have seen glimpses of dark grey or black humanoid figures on the upper levels of the pool.  These are most likely not the classic shadow person, but partially manifested spiritual energies roaming the area.  Perhaps, the energy of the pool itself, with its quartzite mother of pearl ceiling, acts as a battery charger for the energies – hence, why shadow figures are more commonly witnessed in this area.  With this said, people have encountered shadow forms in other areas of the ship, including the hotel decks, after engine room and boiler rooms.

John Henry

The energy of John Henry (name not confirmed) exists in the boiler room area, specifically boiler rooms #3 and #4.  As with Jackie, his origins are not completely known; however, researchers postulate that he was a former boiler room worker who tragically passed away while on the job.  He is known for disclosing that he does not like women to be in the boiler room areas.  Some people interpret that he is mean-spirited; however, in my opinion, I believe he doesn’t want women in the area because 1) they didn’t work in the areas during the ship’s sailing days and 2) the boiler rooms have potential safety hazards.  People have seen a tall, bald man walk near the “Disney” stage in boiler room #4.  This male energy has also communicated with guests in the “Green Room.”


This spirited female energy exists in the former first and third class pool and boiler room areas.  This ethereal form has referred to herself as “Amanda” via EVP.   As with Jackie and John Henry, her origins are not completely understood.  It is surmised that she passed away while on the ship after it retired and was permanently moored in Long Beach.  People have heard a female spirit form singing inside the boiler rooms.  An investigator was able to capture an EVP of a woman saying “It was nice talking with you” inside boiler room #4.  Ongoing research is being done to try and figure out who this woman is.   She has a calm and gentle nature and seems to be drawn more to women.

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