Audio Captures

M001 - Jackie Joins us - Disembodied Voice or AVP

Shortly after hearing the little girl humming while conducting our EVP session in M001, I started to intuitively sense the presence of Jackie.  She is known to frequent many areas of the ship, including the hotel cabins.  You will hear me ask, “Jackie, is that you?” – then at the :06 – :07 mark, you will hear her say what sounds like “I love you.” Now, there was a group of guests up on Promenade Deck while Jackie speaks, however, her vocalization is so localized to your microphone and not a part of that group.

M001 - Who is the Little Girl Humming / Disembodied Voice or AVP

Cher Garman and I were conducting a late-night EVP session in the servants’ quarters of M001, one of the ship’s most paranormally active staterooms.  At one point, both her and I audibly heard a little girl humming.  The voice was emanating from inside our room as opposed to outside in the hallway.  This AVP (audible voice phenomenon) was captured on Nicole’s recording device, but not Cher’s.

Isolation Ward Vocalizations / EVP

I was able to capture some rather interesting audio pieces during a recent visit to the ship’s isolation Ward.  It was a rather quiet day, so I knew it would be a good time to do an EVP session with minimal to no outside contamination.  In the first clip, you will hear me ask, “Were you aboard the Queen Mary during World War II?”  I got an EVP greeting at the :13 mark, as you will hear a male whisper say, “Hi.”  In the second clip, I was asking one of the spirits if he had a chance to see one of the dogs on the ship that day.  I also asked him what his favorite dog is.  At the :15 – :16 second mark, I get a very electronic EVP response that sounds like “Pit Bull.”  In the third clip, I was intuitively sensing the presence of a nurse in the Isolation Ward with me.  Intriguingly, I was picking up on the name “Helen” and asked if there was a nurse by that name with me.  Well, right before I ask that question, a whispered EVP can be heard at :00 – :01 mark possibly saying the name “Helen.”  If this is the case, is this an example of telepathic communication between the spirit world and I?

R Deck Forward / ITC

This ITC capture occurred in R Deck Forward as Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal was inquiring if any spirits knew a nurse by the name of Mrs. David.  As Steve was using the Paranormal Systems MiniBox, you will hear an emphatic answer to his question, which is “No!”  Matt Schulz and his tour guests have made possible communication with a former nurse in this particular area of the ship.

R Deck Forward / EVP

This EVP was captured in R Deck Forward during the start of an ITC session led by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal.  You will hear Steve introducing the ITC session while prepping the Paranormal Systems MiniBox.  At :22 seconds into the clip, you will hear a male say what sounds like “I’m gonna go.”  This was not heard at the time and did not come through the ITC device.

Pool Vocalization / EVP

I was standing out in the general pool area, right next to the slide when this spirit vocalization occurs.  The tour group was inside the changing rooms at this time; thus, the security guard and I were the only people out in the general pool area.  In this EVP clip, you will hear what sounds like two “Hellos.”  The second “Hello” has more emphasis, suggesting an intelligent spirit communication.  You will hear Matt Schulz talking to the guests in the background and calling out for the alleged spirit cat in the changing rooms.  However, you will hear a female-sounding voice that comes through twice.  You can almost gather her emotions as she emphasizes the second “Hello” indicating that she really wants to be addressed and no one is responding to her. 

This is the exact reason why I let the energies know that sometimes it is hard for us to hear them as they are speaking to us.  I let them know that if they are talking to me and I am not responding, it is not because I am ignoring them, but that it’s sometimes hard for me to hear them with my ears.  Thus, I let them know that I have recording devices capable of picking up their voice and sound.

R Deck Forward Intelligent Responses / ITC

Matt Schulz, PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION Tour Host, asks the energies to give a numbered answer as to what World War the Queen Mary was involved in. There are two possible responses, with the second response being more clear. You will hear me announce that I heard the first response; however, the second response is the highlight of this clip. The Queen Mary was used as a troopship during World War II.

There is a particular female spirit that consistently communicates to Matt and his guests in the R Deck Forward area. Last year, SDPRS member, Delia, has intuitively sensed a female in this area by the name of “Alice.” This spirit’s voice has been captured numerous times.  We feel that she is either a nurse or possibly a stowaway.  In this ITC clip, Matt asks for the last name of the “mean dictator” during World War II.  You will hear quite a clear female response to his question, indicating this person’s last name, which is “Hitler.”

A spirited "Hello" / EVP

On July 5, 2014, I was attending the late-night PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION tour hosted by my good friend and colleague, Matthew Schulz.  You will hear Matt say, “So, that’s…”  And, immediately after, you will hear a male whispered response at :16 seconds into the recording. I hear it as “Hello.”  It is repeated a few times.  NOTE:  I was recording from my Samsung Galaxy III phone, so the file may sound a little distorted.  I just wanted to showcase this clip as it’s rather coincidental that a male responds with an appropriate response right after Matt introduces the spirit. Since this energy enjoys interacting with the guests, it would seem quite fitting that he was the one to deliver the “hello.”

Not a Fan of Our Singing / EVP

The group experienced some high strangeness on Halloween night 2013 in the pool’s dressing rooms. On this sold-out Halloween late-night para tour, led by paranormal investigator Matthew Schulz, the group was calling out to Jackie and sang the song Ring-around-the-Rosy – a song that the child spirits seem to enjoy.  Well, someone did not like our singing as a male disembodied voice (AVP) says, “No” after we sang, “We all fall….”  In hopes of capturing a response of “Down,” which is the last word in the song’s main verse, we captured this male’s disembodied voice, signifying that he wasn’t a fan of our singing. 

About two years ago, a group of investigators and I sang the song London Bridges in the dressing room, again, to attract the child spirits in the former first and third class pool.  In the clip, you will hear us sing, “My fair lady…”  Right after “Lady,” you can hear a male voice dramatically say “NO!”  Intriguingly, the male voices in these two mentioned clips sound as if they’re coming from the same person. 

Jackie Speaks / EVP

On Friday-Saturday, October 5-6, 2013, I was a special guest on the Queen Mary para-tour.  Delia Rugamas, former private residence case manager for the San Diego Paranormal Research Society, and her friend Christian, also attended the tour.  The former first and third class pool area is home to a vast array of paranormal experiences; one child spirit in particular, known as Jackie, frequents this area in addition to other areas on the ship.  In this clip, you will hear the disembodied voice of Jackie as she speaks to the tour guests.  Matt, Delia and I, including other guests, heard her audibly at the time and it was also captured on recording devices (known as AVP). Listen for her voice at :03 -:05 seconds into the clip. The words Jackie is saying are unclear, but you can hear her voice nonetheless.

The Cat's Meow? / EVP

On Friday-Saturday, October 5-6, 2013, I was a guest on Matt Schulz’s Queen Mary para-tour.  Delia Rugamas, private residence case manager for the San Diego Paranormal Research Society, and her friend Christian, also attended the tour.  The Green Room has recently showcased a wide array of paranormal experiences, ranging from disembodied voices and EVPs.  One entity responsible for these experiences is John Henry, a purported crew member who met his demise from possible scalding burns during the ship’s sailing days.  However, this audio clip features what sounds like an EVP of a cat’s meow. Is this even a cat? The other area on the ship known for hearing disembodied feline murmurs is the former first and third class pool’s dressing rooms. You can hear this EVP as Matt says, “Yeah…” at :09 seconds into the clip.

A Child Talks to her Mommy / EVP

Several years ago, while investigating the former first and third class pool, I captured this EVP of a young child talking with her “mommy.”  To me, this sounds like either, “Hi, mommy” or “My mommy.”  What is interesting, is that this EVP occurred right after I said, out loud, “My mom is watching us” (via the former pool’s ghost camera).”  Who is this little girl?  Could this be Jackie or the much younger female child (toddler age) spotted in the pool area?  This is one of my favorite EVPs from the Queen Mary!

Interesting A167 Hotel Room Capture / EVP

As I came back to my room (Al67) after a night of investigating, I decided to do a short electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session in the room, implementing proper EVP session protocol.  The time was around 2:00 a.m. and I positioned myself on the bed, facing the front entrance door of the room.  As I say, “I just saw a shadow by the door, so I know someone’s here with me; can you please tell me your name?” a male disembodied voice is heard answering me, by saying, “Michael” or “Micah.”  This is a great example of having a personal experience (seeing the shadow) followed by a scientific piece of evidence (EVP)

John Henry in the Green Room? / EVP

On January 13, 2013, I attended the Paranormal Spirit Box, which is a popular late-night Sunday paranormal tour/investigation led by my friend/colleague, Matthew Schulz, who is a paranormal investigator and founder of ParaXplorer Project.  We were conducting a proper EVP session in the Green Room at the time of this audio capture.  One of the most common entities in this area is John Henry, who tragically died in the boiler room as a result of severe burns. It is a common claim that John Henry likes his privacy and does not prefer women to be in the boiler rooms and Green Room.  At the :00 – :01 mark, you will hear a male voice say what sounds to be “Hi.”  You will then hear Matt inspire and say, “So much to do and so little time, guys.”  Could this be the voice of John Henry, greeting us in what sounds to be a friendly tone?

Does Jackie Respond with her Name? / EVP

In 2009, I was on an official investigation of the former first and third class pool room with fellow paranormal investigators.  Another investigator and I decided to ask Jackie if her real name is “Jackie,” as she may think her name is Jackie due to the amount of people visiting the pool room each day calling out for “Jackie.”  During the audio session, I asked, “Jackie, is your real name Jackie?”  Another investigator followed, by asking, “Or, is it a name that people call you?”  Well, it seems that Jackie responded to us with, “My name is Jackie/Jacqueline.”  The majority of people who listened to this clip either hear, “My name is Jackie” or “My name is Jacqueline.”  What do you hear?

Ring Around the Rosy / EVP

Some of the child energies in the former first and third class pool enjoy the songs, “Ring Around the Rosy” and “London Bridges,” I was singing “Ring Around the Rosy” and someone finished the song for me, by saying, “down,” the last word in the song’s main verse.  Enjoy!

Phantom Swimming / EVP

A few years ago, I was on the Haunted Encounters tour and we were visiting the former first and third class pool.  Note that the pool has been drained of water for many years.  In this clip, you will hear what sounds like someone swimming or enjoying laps in the pool.  But, the pool is empty and no one was in there! You will hear the tour guide in the background talking about the alleged vortex in the dressing stall area.

"I Heard you Fall Off" / EVP

This is an interesting audio capture, which was obtained in the former first and third class pool room, just to the right of the pool’s slide.  I wasn’t using my common sense at the time and decided to sit on top of the barrier wall, which is on either side of the pool’s slide.  I then came to my senses and decided that it wasn’t safe to do so, and I said out loud, “I better get down from here, or I might fall off.”  What is interesting is that after I said those words, a young female voice can be heard saying what sounds to be, “I heard you fall off.”  I find it rather intriguing that this disembodied voice seemed to respond to me by  possibly mentioning the word, “fall off.”  This indicates an intelligent response, as opposed to a residual capture.

"No" to London Bridges / EVP

On Friday, March 22, 2013, I was a guest on Matt Schulz’ Friday night Para-tour.  Matt is a good friend of mine and also founder of Paraxplorer Project (I am an associate member of PXP).  It is a complete honor to accompany Matt on his tour as a special guest once in awhile.  Matt and I were the only people present in the former first and third class pool room when this EVP occurred. Just so everyone knows, I did a little audio experiment, where I pre-recorded questions and played these questions in “play-mode”, having another recorder in “record mode” in hopes of capturing a response to the questions.  One of the reasons why I employ this method every so often is because it is theorized that paranormal responses can be facilitated by having the investigator’s voice played in the same frequency that spirits use to communicate. In this clip, you will hear me inquiring about singing London Bridges.  Right after I say, “…singing mood…” you will hear a disembodied voice adamantly say, “No” in response to me asking if anyone wants to sing the above mentioned song.