Evidence Spotlight

Evidence Spotlight #1 - A019 Stateroom EVP and R Deck Forward Disembodied Vocalization

March 9th and 10th, 2017

Evidence Background Information

I was a featured speaker about the Queen Mary at the Strange Escapes Conference aboard the ship on March 10th – 13th, 2017.  On Friday night (10th), I stayed on the starboard forward side of A Deck in A019.  After the meet and greet, I decided to conduct a lengthy EVP session inside A019.  Please read the below information as it’s an interesting back story pertaining to these pieces of evidence.  In A019, I utilized two audio recorders – TASCAM DR40 and OLYMPUS WS-100 – and synced the time on both, so their start times were exactly at 9:08 pm.  Also, note that at 15:04 minutes into this session, I started to feel the presence of William Eric Stark in A019.  

A Little about William Eric Stark - Senior Second Officer

William Eric Stark was a former senior second officer who accidentally consumed tetrachloride instead of gin while aboard the ship. Sadly, he became very ill as a result and passed away a few days later.  He is one of  the crew member documented deaths who appears in spirit form aboard various areas of the Queen Mary. His spirit form has been seen and heard throughout the ship; he is often noted for his “grumpy” demeanor and deep / hoarse voice.  I am familiar with the sound of his vocalizations, whether they are heard via EVP (electronic voice phenomena) or via the naked ear, as I have heard him on various occasions. 

About the Experiment I conducted during this EVP session in A019

During this EVP session, I decided to do a little experiment with a past after engine room audio capture of “Get out” that was obtained about two years ago during the late-night weekend Paranormal Investigation tours.  During my A019 EVP session, I played this engine room “Get out” EVP and asked the energies if they know the person who said these words.  I said, “Is this the voice of William Eric Stark or is it somebody else?”  “If it’s someone else, can you let me know the name of that individual?”  There were no responses to these questions; however, it starts to get really interesting when at 24:07 recorder time, I captured an EVP in A019 from a male energy that 1) said “Get out” twice and 2) sounded STRIKINGLY similar to the after engine room EVP played as a part of this experiment as well as the voice of Mr. Stark! Note again that these two captures are about two years apart. I do believe it’s Mr. Stark’s voice in both of these.

Wait, There's More...

What’s even more intriguing is that while on the following night’s Paranormal Shipwalk Tour led by my friend and colleague, Tony Ashlin, about five guests heard Mr. Stark in R Deck Forward loudly saying, “Get out, out!”  Since I am familiar with his vocal tone, I am pretty sure that it was him. At the time of this disembodied vocalization in R Deck Forward, I was not yet aware of the above mentioned A019 EVP as I had not yet reviewed my audio file from Friday night’s EVP session.  So, both nights (Friday and Saturday respectively), the voice of Mr. Stark saying “Get out” came through – one via an EVP in A019 and the other being a disembodied vocalization in R Deck Forward.  

My Intuitive Impression of William Eric Stark during A019 EVP Session

Also, at the time of my intuitive impression of Mr. Stark – at 14 minutes into the audio file – I said, “William Eric Stark, are you present right now?  Are you in this room?” At :09 – :-10 seconds in the #3 clip below, you will hear a male whispered EVP response of “Yes.” Note: this is a Class C EVP, so it’s very faint.  Listen with an external speaker or headphones. At 15:04 recorder time, I continue to say that “I am getting the impression of William Eric Stark.”  So, my intuitive impression of him inside A019 came about 10 minutes prior to the captured “get out” EVP that was said twice. 

​Theoretical Postulations about these Pieces of Evidence

  1. Was Mr. Stark somehow answering my question (Was the “get out” in the after engine room two years prior, the voice of Mr Stark?) and letting me know it was him in the after engine room saying “Get out” by saying the exact same words in the A019 EVP session? He could have directly answered my question and said, “Yes, that was me,” however, maybe he chose to say the words “get out” as a unique way of letting me know it was him.  If so, this capture shows the magnitude of spirit intelligence and communication.
  2. Then again, there is always the chance that this entire experience was coincidental (although I don’t necessarily believe in coincidences) and/or the vocalizations of another male energy with a similar sounding vocal tone.  

This is why thorough research, critical thinking and "connecting the dots" are so important to the entire paranormal research project. I will continue to investigate this phenomena to see if I can gather any more pertinent information that can shed more light on this captivating experience.

Below are the audio captures from both of my recorders as well as the R Deck Forward Disembodied Vocalization
(for best results, listen with headphones or with an external speaker).

Audio pieces are as follows:

  1. TASCAM DR 40 A019 EVP
  2. OLYMPUS WS-100 A019 EVP (This one is more clearer. It also has an additional vocalization of “out” toward the end that the TASCAM did not capture).
  3. “William Eric Stark, are you present?” A019 EVP (Intuitive impression of Mr. Stark)

Video Capture of R Deck Forward "Get out...out!"

Courtesy of Paranormal Shipwalk Tour / Scott and Denise Randall

After the “Get out…out,” you will hear me say, “I just heard something that sounded like “get out” (and I mimic it).  Clip is repeated three times.