The Unifying Aspect of the RMS Queen Mary

I have always been a huge believer in the RMS Queen Mary’s innate yet uncanny ability in uniting people that are meant to cross paths.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times this has happened ever since the ship was built in 1934.  There is something beautifully mystical about this glorious liner; inContinue reading “The Unifying Aspect of the RMS Queen Mary”

The Queen Mary’s 50th Anniversary of Arriving into Long Beach

Wow!  The Queen Mary did a fabulous job with all of the commemorating events on the weekend of December 9, 2017.  It was an all-around fantastic weekend with dear friends and fellow ship enthusiasts as we celebrated 50 years of the ship’s arrival to Long Beach. In addition to the Mary’s weekend events, our “Clan Mary” group hadContinue reading “The Queen Mary’s 50th Anniversary of Arriving into Long Beach”

Churchill Suite Encounters

My wife and I had our wedding ceremony on the Queen Mary with the Commodore as our official. We had a great time. We checked in at the front desk but the room wasn’t ready so we decided to experience the tea room for noon tea. We were walking on the port side walkway whenContinue reading “Churchill Suite Encounters”

Jackie in the Isolation Ward

Matt Schulz, paranormal investigation tour host at the RMS Queen Mary, always provides many opportunities for experiencing the ethereal world, not only because of the ship destination spots he chooses and the fancy paranormal equipment he uses, but because he offers guests a special chance at truly experiencing the other side that likes to callContinue reading “Jackie in the Isolation Ward”

The Queen Mary – What a Marvelous Maiden

AUTHOR: CHER GARMAN – THE CHICAGO FILES It was an absolute pleasure not only to see the Queen Mary on our recent trip to Long Beach, California, but to go aboard was like a dream sequence.  The picture above was taken at approximately 6:00 p.m.; I couldn’t wait to walk those halls! Oh, I mustContinue reading “The Queen Mary – What a Marvelous Maiden”

The Ghost Cat’s “Meow”

The dressing room of the former first and third class pool is home to another spirit: the furry and purry kind—a cat of course!  Back in the ship’s sailing it days, it was not uncommon to have livestock aboard the ship.  Among them, cats and dogs.  Who would think that the spirit of a kittyContinue reading “The Ghost Cat’s “Meow””

Jackie Wants the Bouncy Ball

On one of my several guest visits on Matthew Schulz’ late-night Queen Mary para tours, I had an intuitive moment, if you will, communication that ensued between little Jackie and I.  As Matt was setting the live audio listening with his Paranologies’ Phonopod, I was walking around the upstairs/starboard side of the former first andContinue reading “Jackie Wants the Bouncy Ball”

Why is the Queen Mary Haunted?  Some Proposed Theories

The paranormal field has been studied for many, many years.  To this day, no one really knows why ghosts and hauntings exist.  What does exist, however, are developed theories as to why the world experiences the paranormal.  In my opinion, in order to come closer to understanding what constitutes the supernatural realm, one must studyContinue reading “Why is the Queen Mary Haunted?  Some Proposed Theories”