Possible Anomalous Engine Room Photograph

Hello Nicole. Ryan Piper again. In case you have my memory, a bit over a week ago I emailed you about an experience my wife and I had on our Queen Mary visit on March 10-12. Remember, the sound of something rolling down the deck over our heads etc? I asked you to forward theContinue reading “Possible Anomalous Engine Room Photograph”

A Compelling Apparition Sighting in Boiler Room #4

In my twelve years of paranormal research and investigation, I must say that I have had only about four to five really compelling apparition sightings.  Yes, I have seen shadow figures and anomalies over the years, but those do not compare to what I experienced on the Queen Mary in February, 2015.   I was standingContinue reading “A Compelling Apparition Sighting in Boiler Room #4”