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Praise for The Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary

I ordered this book as a “primer” in preparation for a stay aboard the Queen Mary. It contained a lot of technical data about the ship’s construction and operation that I skimmed over but the stories of passengers and crew were very enlightening. I didn’t encounter any ghosts while aboard but it was fun knowing where to look for them.

I loved this book. As a fan of the ship who had a ghostly experience aboard, I was so pleased with the historical detail, as well as the intense knowledge about the spirits. The photos are a bonus too. Though black and white, they are a useful guide for when one goes aboard the ship. I have since become a huge fan of the author after reading this book, following her adventures as she goes on ghost investigations and communes with the other side. What a remarkable life, and an extraordinary talent. Recommended for any history lover and ghost hunter!

When it came to hauntings and spirits aboard RMS Queen Mary I’ve always considered myself to be a Doubting Thomas. I dismissed the idea as a publicity stunt while during my visits to the ship for over 30 years. But during those visits I’ve come to believe this ship has a soul and I’m privileged to be “accepted” by her as she has many of my friends. She’s just simply taken her sweet time revealing her spiritual self to me. Seems as though each time I visit, more unexplained things have happened and this book has really helped me understand the theories behind the who, what, and why. The author has put together a loving and respectable tribute to the ship by detailing her storied history and how it relates to her haunted voice today.

Learn of Mary’s history from initial design, service, introduction to WW2, and her retirement to Long Beach, CA. As Nicole Strickland states, “History and the paranormal are closely connected. They are relatives with a dear kinship.” With Mary’s rich history it’s no wonder why The Queen Mary is in America’s Top 10 haunted places.
The paranormal aspect of the ship is detailed to the fullest. Specific spirits are acknowledged and their stories told. Hot spot locations are identified and the reported activity associated with it. Also, read first hand accounts from people who stayed aboard and had paranormal experiences. Nicole offers her theories on why Mary is bustling with activity. Being a well respected paranormal researcher, she is able to accomplish this without any hype or propaganda. One can see the love and connection she has for the ship and this is shared with the reader. Haunted Queen of the Seas covers it all!

If you’ve never been on the Queen Mary, you’re missing an experience of a lifetime! Strickland is a known and respected expert on the QM and this book is an absolute gem, filled with the history, and mystery, of this remarkable haunted ship. A highly recommended book for anyone who likes history, the paranormal, and the glory of a ship now grounded at port, but just as intriguing as ever.

Praise for Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend

This is an excellent follow-up to Nicole Strickland’s “Haunted Queen of the Seas”. The author has expanded her scope of the history of RMS Queen Mary, the spirits than haunt her spaces, and such a wonderful layman’s explanation of paranormal investigation that even this Doubting Thomas gets it. Having visited and stayed aboard the ship multiple times over 30 years, I’ve had a few unexplained things happen. A television set turned on and off real quickly in the middle of the night, my phone rang with no one at the other end, and creepy whispers in my ears while all alone in the Isolation Ward. I’ll certainly be taking this book with me every trip in the future. Now I have to muster the courage to ask for a stateroom with a history of paranormal activity (Yes! This book contains a list of rooms and what can go bump in the night… or day.) and perhaps someday accompany the author on one of her investigations.

There is something so incredibly special about the RMS Queen Mary, and this book provides a phenomenal adventure into the haunted realm of this grand ship. I was amazed at the sheer volume of paranormal activity that occurs on this ship. This book provides mesmerizing detail that covers the entire vessel! From hotel guest reports to her own plethora of experiences, Nicole Strickland gives the reader a spectacular look into this fascinating side of the RMS Queen Mary. Describing various experiences in state rooms, to the ‘famous’ hauntings of the former first class passenger pool by a little girl named Jackie, “Spirited Queen Mary” is a must read for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the spirits who are an integral part of this historical ship. I took the book along with me on a recent stay aboard the Queen Mary so I could check out some of the ‘hot spots’ mentioned in the book. Lo and behold, I captured (on a recorder) some interesting ‘knocking’ sounds on “B Deck” which Nicole Strickland notes in the book as a very ‘active’. Fantastic read and I’ll be taking it along with me when I visit the ship again later this year!

Nicole Stricklands Spirited Queen Mary, is both elegant and haunting. With each page turned, you find yourself aboard this grand lady, looking for a glimpse of those who sailed upon her.

Another wonderful book by Ms. Strickland. I love reading anything and everything about The Queen Mary. You can tell the author knows a great deal about the QM, her history and paranormal encounters Great read!

Wow! Nicole has such love and a deep connection with this grand ship & the spirits that dwell there. Fascinating, I can’t wait for more!

Praise for RMS Queen Mary: Voices from Her Voyages

I just received my copy of this book and am enjoying reading it. It contains many outstanding chapters which outline service as a crew member of this great ship as well as accounts by soldiers and airmen during the use of the ship as a troop transport during WWII, the transport of War Brides back to the Unites States and passengers from her nearly 1000 transatlantic voyages and finally contains how the ship has impacted some people since become a landmark in Long Beach, California. It is a must-read for ship lovers as well as the serious historian. Nicole Strickland has done a superb job of obtaining interviews and brief biographies of many differing people and weaving it into a very readable and most enjoyable book!

Miss Strickland has done it again with another excellent, well-written book telling first-hand the many poignant accounts regarding life aboard such a very famous ocean liner. I could tell a lot of work went into such a very beautiful book. As a researcher, and maritime enthusiast, it is a must-have book in my collection, and in the collection of those whom are also intrigued by history, first-hand accounts, war, and even the paranormal. It is, indeed, a treasure to own such a book. Very well done by the author.

What an amazing book by an amazing author! Absolutely wonderful.

As a life-long lover of all things RMS Queen Mary, I thought that by now I had read every book, seen every photo, and memorized every superlative statistic. But this book proved me wrong with every page. Not only are the tales shared here fantastic to read, but it must be noted the care and respect the author has shown having been trusted with these stories. Turn these pages and let the Voices take you to fascinating places.

Another wonderful book written by author Nicole Strickland. The stories are amazing. Ms. Strickland’s love for the RMS Queen Mary and the Queen Mary’s history shines in this lovely book.


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