Spirited Queen Mary – A Legend of the Seas

Paranormal Musings Newsletter, Vol 90 / February, 2015

There are very few ships still in existence that compare to the innate beauty and rich history of the RMS Queen Mary.  The RMS Queen Mary is perhaps, the most legendary liner to ever sail the oceans.  A testament to British shipbuilding, the Mary is currently moored in Long Beach, California, where it has ebbed and flowed with the tide since 1967.  The Queen Mary historic ship was built in 1934 and constructed by John Brown & Company, Ltd., of Clydebank, Scotland.  She began her maiden voyage as a luxury cruise liner on May 27, 1936, completing successful pre-WWII and post-WWII round trip voyages from Southampton to New York City.  Many notable people, such as business moguls, entertainers and actors, have traveled aboard the Queen Mary.  Furthermore, Art-Deco brilliance can still be seen throughout its inner walls. Even in retirement, the Queen Mary historic ship still remains as popular as she was the day she sailed.

The Queen Mary historic ship was also called upon to serve as a troopship during World War II.  In fact, due to the liner’s fast speeds, she was able to carry numerous servicemen from all walks of life to and from their destinations.  Adolf Hitler even had a ripe award of $250,000 out to any skipper who could sink the massive liner.  Of course, Hitler’s plan never succeeded, as The Grey Ghost consistently outsmarted the enemy.  The ship’s crew and servicemen should be remembered for their diligence in keeping its hull and inner walls afloat.

The RMS Queen Mary’s sailing success was not without tragedy, as the liner nearly endured her end of days while sailing the oceans.  The worst tragedy occurred on October 2, 1942 as the Queen Mary was making her way across the oceans. She accidentally struck her World War I British escort ship, the HMS Curacao, as both ships were involved in a mandatory zigzag motion to avoid obliteration by the enemy.  Tragically, over 300 Curacaon sailors drowned as a result of the accident.  Many of their phantom calls for help can still be heard to this day in the R Deck Forward area of the ship.

Post World War II, the RMS Queen Mary returned to luxury as an extravagant cruise vessel, where many people could relax, vacation and enjoy her ornate and gorgeous ambience, as well as the abundance of onboard activities.   As previously mentioned, quite a few celebrity names have touched upon her decks during her reigning days on the seas.   Long Beach, California has been Queen Mary’s docked home since 1967.  Thousands of visitors flock from all over the world each year to visit the RMS Queen Mary in Southern California.

The RMS Queen Mary is equipped to fulfill the curiosity of many people, from children to elderly adults.  She is loaded with many attractions, shops and various dining options.  The Queen is home to annual events, various tours and a variety of ongoing and seasonal attractions.  She has a variety of gift and souvenir stores that cater to those who love to shop.  For those who love art, the ship still houses some of her original Art-Deco pieces.  She also features great sightseeing views from her Promenade and Sun Deck.   The ship wouldn’t be Queen without featuring award-winning restaurants, gratifying the pickiest of eaters.  The Mary is quite the entertainer, as she has even been home to various television and movie productions.  There is even a great hotel onboard for those who want to spend the night on the Queen.  Passengers have the option of staying on A deck, B deck or M deck.  There are many different cabins available ranging from small twin bed cabins to luxurious first class staterooms.

For those who love a ghostly tale or two, the Queen Mary has plenty to share.  Yes, the Queen Mary historic ship is believed to be one of the most haunted spots in the entire world. Paranormal researcher and author, Nicole Strickland, has been historically and paranormally researching the ship for nearly ten years.  Having investigated numerous locations throughout California and even out-of-state, Nicole believes the Queen Mary to be the most haunted location she’s ever investigated.  In fact, the ship’s paranormal phenomena can be sensed by each of the five human senses with hearing being the most popular.  The ship is very audio friendly; thus, it is highly recommended to utilize a variety of recording equipment when investigating its premises.

According to Nicole Strickland, “The Queen Mary historic ship is a mecca for paranormal researchers and a huge capacitor for spiritual energy. Obviously, history and the paranormal share a deep kinship.  The ship’s rich history and its ghostly events are connected. However, there are other elusive reasons as to why the Mary attracts ghosts and spirits from all walks of life.  In addition to the liner’s resident ghosts and spirits, ethereal energy unconnected to its historical events, seem to make its way inside the ship’s premises.”  As moths are to a flame, spirits are to the Queen Mary, explains Strickland.

In fact, visitors can have a ghostly encounter in any area of the ship. Many people report the phantom smell of strong cigar smoke right outside British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s suite.  There have been reports of disembodied conversations and screams on various decks.  Queen Mary’s curious ghosts also like to knock on passenger doors and walls throughout.   Phantom footsteps, sounds, smells and voices can be heard from anywhere on the ship.  You name the ghost and Queen Mary most likely has it.

For ghost seekers alike, the Queen has various paranormal tours, where passengers can embark on the ship’s paranormal hot spots.  Paraxplorer Project Founder, Matt Schulz, serves as the Queen Mary’s Paranormal Ambassador. Additionally, Schulz hosts the popular late-night weekend Paranormal Investigation tours, which give guests the chance to learn the tools of the paranormal research trade while they investigate hot spot areas – the aft engine room, former first and third class pool room, dressing stalls, boiler rooms and more.

Both Schulz and Strickland have been able to build a rapport with many resident intelligent spirits, such as Jackie and J.P.  Jackie is perhaps the most popular little girl spirit residing on the ship.  No one knows of Jackie’s origins as she is not a documented death on the ship.  According to Strickland, Jackie seems to be more or less connected to the Queen Mary in some way – perhaps, her ethereal energy is meant to be onboard as she may have a spiritual responsibility to the ship.  Whatever her origins are, Jackie is a beautiful little spirit, always up for play and good conversation.  J. P. served as a boiler room fireman/cleaner who tragically passed away in 1966 from an accident involving one of the ship’s watertight doors.  His spirit seems to be happy and content onboard, as he makes his presence known to many visitors.  Ms. Strickland is working on her second book about the RMS Queen Mary, along with Mr. Schulz, which will delve into the ship’s paranormal side.  The publication date will be in spring, 2015.

The RMS Queen Mary isn’t just a ship, she’s a legend: a legend with a beautiful spiritual aura.  She definitely speaks of a nostalgic and bygone era.  There were many people from different walks of life who traveled the oceans on the Queen.  The RMS Queen Mary has navigated folks who might not see the next day’s beautiful sunrise all the way to those folks who saturated themselves in her luxury and extravagance.  Thus, the ship is home to various impressions left from her long-lost passengers, some who are are still trying to find their way home.  Her inherent beauty, nostalgic character and abounding history will remain in the heart and soul of her visitors forever.

For more information about the RMS Queen Mary, you can visit her website at or you can call her directly at (562) 435-3511.

Written by Nicole Strickland – Paranormal Researcher, Author and Public Speaker

RMS Queen Mary: A Spirited Ship

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“RMS Queen Mary – A Spirited Ship” is the featured cover article for this August 2015 issue.

The Queen Mary’s Verandah Grill pictured on the magazine cover.  Photo courtesy of Joe Bertoldo
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