Paranormal Shipwalk Highlights / Photograph Comparisons March 2018


I am honored to be a frequent guest on Tony Ashlin’s Paranormal Shipwalk tour aboard the RMS Queen Mary.  Tony is a gifted tour guide and I highly recommend attending his Dining with the Spirits and Paranormal Shipwalk tours.  On March 7, 2018, I drove up to the ship in the late afternoon and had some time to walk around prior to meeting up with Tony and two of his guests.  The four of us had a great time visiting the Queen’s Salon (former 1st class lounge) and Verandah Grill (former 1st class’ Starlight Roof Club).  Both rooms showcase renowned Art Deco pieces.

At 8:00 p.m., we all gathered for Tony’s tour in the main Piccadilly Circus area on Promenade Deck.  We first visited the Captain’s Quarters where Tony showed us a recent anomalous photo that was captured, with the profile of a female apparition seen in the wood’s reflection.  She is clearly adorned in what looks to be a life preserver or possible nurse’s uniform.  In fact, the ship’s noted lady-in-white spirit is thought to be a former nurse.  Below is the photograph, courtesy of Tony Ashlin and


As a paranormal researcher, I spend a lot of time analyzing photographs for alleged paranormal phenomena.  Typically, I debunk about 99% of them due to logical and natural explanations.  However, after careful analysis, I do believe that the above photograph is purely authentic.

Now, below is a photograph that was captured by Steve Huff in the former first and third class pool a few years back.  If you look closely, you can see a resemblance in both of the two female apparition facial features depicted in both photographs.

In my personal experience, having conducted paranormal research aboard the Queen Mary for close to 15 years, I will say that the ship produces a lot of visual and auditory paranormal phenomena.  Thus, it’s important to keep all of your senses heightened when visiting the liner.

A huge thank you to Tony Ashlin for having me on his tour as a guest.  It is always a pleasure!


Possible Anomalous Engine Room Photograph


Hello Nicole.
Ryan Piper again. In case you have my memory, a bit over a week ago I emailed you about an experience my wife and I had on our Queen Mary visit on March 10-12. Remember, the sound of something rolling down the deck over our heads etc? I asked you to forward the account of the experience to Mr Ashlin. I also told you I was trying to send him a video of a potential voice capture recorded during his tour on March 11th in the bow on B/R (??) deck, but was having email issues. Still not working so I’ve attached the video and a still photo my wife took. If you can, please forward this email to Mr Ashlin. Yes you may use both for any project you may need them for.
The video: The tour was gathering in the very front of the bow around a small railed in shaft that went down several floors. No doubt the shaft has a name. At the 12 second mark Mr Ashlin asks “are we all down?” immediately after, at the 14 second mark a low toned male voice quietly says “Noooo”, Not just “no” but an extended “noooo.” Immediately after, a woman in the group says “no” in a normal voice. We heard it at the time but no one reacted to it so I didn’t say anything. The voice sounded very similar to what we heard on a recording someone in the group had played back for us just minutes earlier on the way to the bow. I can’t imagine we were the only ones to record this as many had their cell phones out and some had to be recording. So what does it sound like to you?
The still photo: My wife showed this to both you and Mr Ashlin at the end of the tour. The camera (cell phone) was pointed at an area under the propeller shaft about 25 feet forward of door 13. Mr Ashlin didn’t comment. He just handed my wife a card and asked her to send a copy to him. You said it could be an arm. I think it’s a camera anomaly but I am baffled by what looks like hair at the top of the photo. Not my wife’s hair. She has short brown hair. What do you think?
BTW – I got your book, Haunted Queen of the Seas, as a birthday present a few days ago. Just thumbing through it I found an answer to one question I’ve had. Our room number was B327. Your “Room Conversion” list says the room was B19 prior to the conversion. I’m liking the book already. Looking forward to reading it cover to cover.
Best wishes,
This is the photo taken directly after the anomalous photo below (2nd photo).
This is the possible anomalous photo that shows a possible arm with blonde hair.  This was captured directly before the above normal photograph of the engine room.
Both photographs are courtesy of Ryan Piper.

Churchill Suite Encounters


My wife and I had our wedding ceremony on the Queen Mary with the Commodore as our official. We had a great time. We checked in at the front desk but the room wasn’t ready so we decided to experience the tea room for noon tea. We were walking on the port side walkway when we felt a maintenance man directly behind us. We knew it was a maintenance man because of his heavy boots. It was almost uncomfortable because he was on our “ass” that close! I was just about to turn around and give the guy the stare. We turned into the area to catch the elevator and, he was gone. No one around us. We looked everywhere because we know we weren’t crazy. We just laughed it off and went about our business.


We stayed in the Churchill suite for 4 nights. Great room and we heard it was part of the ghost tour. Nothing happed the entire time, we didn’t experience any smell of cigars or anything else moving etc.. However, the last night ad it was our wedding night, we were very tired after a long ceremony and pictures and dinner, we were in bed and exactly at 1am, we heard the closet door open and wire hangers mobbing around and then the door close. I shot up along with my wife Cierra and I said “what the fuck” and for some reason looked at the clock and it was exactly 1am! We sat there in shock for a bit and I walked around and nothing. The next morning we checked every closet and we had no wire hangers in any of the closets. That room is the quietest suite on the ship. You can’t hear anything in that room but the closet doors and hangers seemed to be right in front of us and none of the doors moved. Not sure what happened but it was strange.


We were married on Oct 23, 2015.


Loved our stay on the ship and we will for sure return and attend a ghost tour.  The book was great too!


Thank you and let me know when you are in Vegas! My wife and I would love to have a drink!!