Jackie Wants the Bouncy Ball

On one of my several guest visits on Matthew Schulz’ late-night Queen Mary para tours, I had an intuitive moment, if you will, communication that ensued between little Jackie and I.  As Matt was setting the live audio listening with his Paranologies’ Phonopod, I was walking around the upstairs/starboard side of the former first andContinue reading “Jackie Wants the Bouncy Ball”

Why is the Queen Mary Haunted?  Some Proposed Theories

The paranormal field has been studied for many, many years.  To this day, no one really knows why ghosts and hauntings exist.  What does exist, however, are developed theories as to why the world experiences the paranormal.  In my opinion, in order to come closer to understanding what constitutes the supernatural realm, one must studyContinue reading “Why is the Queen Mary Haunted?  Some Proposed Theories”

In the Company of Sir Winston Churchill?

The Cigar Follows My mom and I frequently travel to the RMS Queen Mary to simply enjoy its ambience, history and delectable cuisine. About a year ago, both my mom and I had an interesting encounter, which occurred right at the base of the Promenade Deck stairs located on the starboard side, which leads directlyContinue reading “In the Company of Sir Winston Churchill?”