Presentations/Radio Appearances

Nicole's Upcoming Presentations about the Spirited Queen Mary

ESCONDIDO PUBLIC LIBRARY / OCTOBER 14, 2017 / 1PM – 3PM: Presentation about the History and Hauntings of the RMS Queen Mary.  For more information, please visit

3rd Annual Preston Castle Paracon

August 25th - 26th, 2017

Nicole has been invited to be a featured speaker at the Preston Castle ParaCon on August 25-26, 2017.  She will once again, be presenting about the history and paranormal occurrences aboard the Queen Mary.  SDPRS’ co-director, Ali Schreiber, will also be going.  Both Ali and Nicole will be participating in a private research project of the castle on August 25th with fellow docents and conference speakers. Looking forward to this fun road trip to Lone, California.

Book your tickets HERE and visit

Port Gamble Ghost Conference (Washington)

October 28th - 30th, 2017

Nicole is a scheduled speaker about the Spirited Queen Mary at the 7th annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference in Port Gamble, WA.  For more information about the conference, please click visit

Nicole's Past Presentations about the Spirited Queen Mary

Ghost Fest IV Aboard the Queen Mary

About GFEXPO4: Your Ghost Hosts, Patrick Wheelock of Beyond Investigation, the former paranormal investigation team of the infamously haunted RMS Queen Mary, and intuitive paranormal investigator and Queen Mary icon, Erika Frost, invite you to GhostFest Expo 4. Bigger and scarier than ever, Expo 4 is widely expanding its spectral arms around all topics paranormal and unexplainable. Premium paranormal community speakers, special events and exhibitions exploring ghosts and hauntings, ufology, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, and more will be aboard to intrigue and educate. Manifested in September of 2010, in Long Beach, California, GhostFest Expo 4 was the must-attend RMS Queen Mary event of the year. Who understands what haunts you most aboard the Queen but the investigators who know it best?  With Nicole’s extensive investigative research aboard the ship, she was honored to be invited as one of the guest speakers for this event, hosting a presentation about “Investigating the Queen Mary.” Visit

Troy Taylor's Haunted America Conference - West Coast - February 2011 - San Diego California

I was honored to be a featured speaker about the Spirited Queen Mary at this event, one of the most popular paranormal conferences in the United States.

Maritime Ghost Conference of San Diego - Berkeley Ferryboat - September 2012

This event, the first of its kind, focused on the subject of maritime ghosts. Experts on various haunted ships (including the Star of India, the RMS Queen Mary, the USS Hornet, and others) gave presentations on the ghosts of each ship, telling what paranormal activity has been seen and experienced. Additionally, there was a presentation of ghost ships of history, such as the story of the Marie Celeste. Famous names from the paranormal field were present either as additional guest speakers, or having met with the public to sell their books and videos in the conference’s vendor areas. All proceeds went to this non-profit museum, one of the best maritime museums in the country. Nicole was ecstatic to host a presentation about the RMS Queen Mary, sharing with audience members her various paranormal encounters and captured evidence.

San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meet-Up Group

In May of 2011, Nicole gave a presentation about the history and high strangeness of the Queen Mary at the San Diego Ghost and Paranormal Meetup group, which is run by her friends, Dave and Cheryl Hansen.  The SDGAP is San Diego’s most popular meetup group for discussions about the paranormal, including ghosts and hauntings.  Check the group out at

Cal State San Marcos' Osher Adult Learning Program - National University - March 2013

Nicole spoke about the Spirited Queen Mary, AVO Theater and Rancho Buena Vista Adobe as a part of Cal State San Marcos’ OSHER Adult Learning program.

La Costa Glen Retirement Community - Spirited Queen Mary Presentation - January 2015

Nicole presented about the Spirited Queen Mary at the La Costa Glen Retirement Community.  A couple of the residents had family members who even sailed aboard the ship.

Oregon Ghost Conference - Oregon City, OR - April 2015

Nicole was invited to speak about the Spirited Queen Mary at the Oregon Ghost Conference, one of the Pacific Northwest region’s most popular supernatural conferences.  Her presentation about the legendary ship was indeed, a hit. 

Bean Crazy Coffee Shop - Thousand Oaks, Ca - September 2016

Nicole was invited to speak about the Spirited Queen Mary at the Bean Crazy Coffee Shop located in Thousand Oaks, California.  Nicole will also be selling copies of her latest book about the ship.  It was a fun gathering with lots of people interested in the legendary ocean liner. 

Amy Bruni's Strange Escapes - Seaside Spirits Aboard the Rms Queen Mary

Nicole was absolutely thrilled to be a featured speaker at this conference, presenting about the rich history and paranormal phenomena aboard the Queen Mary.  It was an amazing event with fabulous speakers and vendors, many who are considered top researchers in the field.  Additionally, Nicole sold close to 60 copies of The Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary and Spirited Queen Mary: Her Haunted Legend combined.  Definitely looking forward to 2018’s event!

Nicole's Radio Show Appearances

For many years, Nicole has been a featured guest and occasional co-host on many paranormal talk and terrestrial-based radio shows, discussing the research work she has conducted aboard the RMS Queen Mary and other places.  Some of her favorite appearances have been on San Diego’s ROCK 105.3 FM, the Mantz and Mitchell Show at KKNW 1150 AM (Seattle), Haunted Voices Radio, THE FRINGE K-TALK 630 AM, The Chat Room with Anthony Wolfpaw, Arcane Radio with Lon Strickler and Sean Forker, Beyond the Edge Radio, KTPF Community Talk Show, Parascience Radio, The Invisible World, Paradigm Shift, Positively Psychic, KBIM Pat and Brian Show, Haunted After Hours, Paranormal Connections, Beyond the Veil, Paranormal Underground Radio, Ghost Chat Radio, Angels of Light, etc.

TO BOOK NICOLE FOR YOUR RADIO SHOW, PLEASE CONTACT HER AT: [email protected] or [email protected]