Paranormal Shipwalk Highlights / Photograph Comparisons March 2018

I am honored to be a frequent guest on Tony Ashlin’s Paranormal Shipwalk tour aboard the RMS Queen Mary.  Tony is a gifted tour guide and I highly recommend attending his Dining with the Spirits and Paranormal Shipwalk tours.  On March 7, 2018, I drove up to the ship in the late afternoon and had some time to walk around prior to meeting up with Tony and two of his guests.  The four of us had a great time visiting the Queen’s Salon (former 1st class lounge) and Verandah Grill (former 1st class’ Starlight Roof Club).  Both rooms showcase renowned Art Deco pieces.

At 8:00 p.m., we all gathered for Tony’s tour in the main Piccadilly Circus area on Promenade Deck.  We first visited the Captain’s Quarters where Tony showed us a recent anomalous photo that was captured, with the profile of a female apparition seen in the wood’s reflection.  She is clearly adorned in what looks to be a life preserver or possible nurse’s uniform.  In fact, the ship’s noted lady-in-white spirit is thought to be a former nurse.  Below is the photograph, courtesy of Tony Ashlin and


As a paranormal researcher, I spend a lot of time analyzing photographs for alleged paranormal phenomena.  Typically, I debunk about 99% of them due to logical and natural explanations.  However, after careful analysis, I do believe that the above photograph is purely authentic.

Now, below is a photograph that was captured by Steve Huff in the former first and third class pool a few years back.  If you look closely, you can see a resemblance in both of the two female apparition facial features depicted in both photographs.

In my personal experience, having conducted paranormal research aboard the Queen Mary for close to 15 years, I will say that the ship produces a lot of visual and auditory paranormal phenomena.  Thus, it’s important to keep all of your senses heightened when visiting the liner.

A huge thank you to Tony Ashlin for having me on his tour as a guest.  It is always a pleasure!


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