Churchill Suite Encounters

My wife and I had our wedding ceremony on the Queen Mary with the Commodore as our official. We had a great time. We checked in at the front desk but the room wasn’t ready so we decided to experience the tea room for noon tea. We were walking on the port side walkway when we felt a maintenance man directly behind us. We knew it was a maintenance man because of his heavy boots. It was almost uncomfortable because he was on our “ass” that close! I was just about to turn around and give the guy the stare. We turned into the area to catch the elevator and, he was gone. No one around us. We looked everywhere because we know we weren’t crazy. We just laughed it off and went about our business.


We stayed in the Churchill suite for 4 nights. Great room and we heard it was part of the ghost tour. Nothing happed the entire time, we didn’t experience any smell of cigars or anything else moving etc.. However, the last night ad it was our wedding night, we were very tired after a long ceremony and pictures and dinner, we were in bed and exactly at 1am, we heard the closet door open and wire hangers mobbing around and then the door close. I shot up along with my wife Cierra and I said “what the fuck” and for some reason looked at the clock and it was exactly 1am! We sat there in shock for a bit and I walked around and nothing. The next morning we checked every closet and we had no wire hangers in any of the closets. That room is the quietest suite on the ship. You can’t hear anything in that room but the closet doors and hangers seemed to be right in front of us and none of the doors moved. Not sure what happened but it was strange.


We were married on Oct 23, 2015.


Loved our stay on the ship and we will for sure return and attend a ghost tour.  The book was great too!


Thank you and let me know when you are in Vegas! My wife and I would love to have a drink!!





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