A Compelling Apparition Sighting in Boiler Room #4

In my twelve years of paranormal research and investigation, I must say that I have had only about four to five really compelling apparition sightings.  Yes, I have seen shadow figures and anomalies over the years, but those do not compare to what I experienced on the Queen Mary in February, 2015.   I was standing on the former Disney stage in boiler room #4, looking in the forward direction of boiler room #3.   I then noticed movement out of my right eye’s peripheral vision.   When I glanced over at what I was seeing, I was met by one of the most remarkable spirit sightings I have ever seen.  My eyes instantly met the eyes of a young male.   The experience must have lasted at least three seconds, which in my opinion, is a long time for a spirit to manifest.  Profoundly, I recognized this spirit and instantly knew that it was the energy of an 18-year-old fireman / cleaner who tragically passed away in the aft engine room on July 10, 1966.   When I noticed his spirit form, I saw him float toward me and then backed away a little before disappearing.  I was absolutely awe-struck, as his spirit form identically matched his ship crew photograph.  It was as if he walked right out of his photograph.  I noticed that he had a slight smile on his face.

I don’t have the answers as to why he appeared before me.  There must be a reason; however, perhaps I am not meant to know at this time.  Many people have communicated with this spirit.  Myself included.  Only he knows the reasons why he makes his ethereal home on the Queen Mary.  It is my sincere hope that he is at peace where he is.  My reason for writing this short blog, is to honor his life and dedication to the Queen Mary as a crew member. 

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