Jackie in the Isolation Ward

Matt Schulz, paranormal investigation tour host at the RMS Queen Mary, always provides many opportunities for experiencing the ethereal world, not only because of the ship destination spots he chooses and the fancy paranormal equipment he uses, but because he offers guests a special chance at truly experiencing the other side that likes to call the Mary its home.

With that said, San Diego Paranormal Research Society Case Managers, Nicole Strickland and Delia Rugamas (and her good friend Christian) joined Matt and his tour guests on Friday night’s (10/4/13 – 10/5/13) para investigation tour to many of the ship’s most haunted areas, including R Deck Forward, B340, Isolation Ward, Engine Room, Boiler Room/Green Room and of course, the former first and third class Swimming Pool and Dressing Stalls – where one of the vessel’s most talkative and beloved little spirits likes to play.

The group had some unique experiences in many of the above mentioned areas, but for the purpose of this writing, I will focus on the Isolation Ward.  Here’s a little side note before I delve any further:  Delia is also quite intuitive and she mentioned to me in B340 that she felt Jackie following the group around.  Interestingly, many tour guests, including Delia and I, heard a child voice in the nonoperational haunted room known as the aforementioned B340. Delia and I both felt Jackie follow us as we proceeded to the Isolation Ward.  Most visitors, sensitives/mediums and paranormal researchers have had the bulk of their experiences with Jackie in the former first and third class pool room; however, since the craziness of Dark Harbor was infiltrating the halls of the Mary, I think Jackie chose to have a little fun with Matt and his guests.

At one point, as Matt was having his guests listen to  real-time EVP work with the wireless headphones, I heard a disembodied child voice emanate from within the Isolation Ward.  I was the only one not wearing headphones and immediately interrupted the group by notifying them of what I just heard.  Now, I am no expert on Jackie’s sweet yet powerful little voice, but I have been working with Jackie for close to ten years now, and I am quite confident in recognizing her voice.  Therefore, the voice I heard, which sounded like a few words and “Mommy” mildly surprised me, as Delia and I know she followed us from B340 into the Isolation Ward.  The group went back to listening with the wireless headphones and I took the opportunity to walk over from where I located Jackie’s voice from earlier.

I am standing right in front of the plexiglass exhibit and move a little north so I could get a glimpse of the long hallway leading to the Isolation Ward.

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