The Ghost Cat’s “Meow”

The dressing room of the former first and third class pool is home to another spirit: the furry and purry kind—a cat of course!  Back in the ship’s sailing it days, it was not uncommon to have livestock aboard the ship.  Among them, cats and dogs.  Who would think that the spirit of a kitty would reside in the dressing stall area?  Let me tell you folks, there is most certainly a talkative and cute little kitty wandering these halls.  It is said that this particular cat is the feline being of one of the former crew members.  Lately, many people, including myself, have had experiences with this cute little bundle of joy.

To view a guest photo of the “spirit” cat, please visit
Scroll down to the second photograph.  Apparently, this photo was taken when a former tour host of the Queen Mary sensed there to be a cat among the group in the dressing stalls.  One of the guests snapped a photograph and there you have it!!!

On one of my guest appearances on Matt’s late night para tours aboard the Queen Mary, the group was settling down for a collective EVP session in the dressing room area.  I am standing towards the entrance,  and Matt starts leading the EVP session.  One of the female guests then says, “Something is touching my foot.” Almost immediately after, I interject, “Wait, did anyone hear that, I thought I  just heard a meow.”  Matt emphatically answers my question by saying, “I HEARD that!!!”  Stunned, the group quiets down to see if we hear any more disembodied “meows.”  No more for this night, but more to come at a later time, the following week to be exact.

I was able to faintly capture this “meow” on my recorder, so I played it back to the guests and surprisingly, most people heard it.

Okay, fast-forward a week.  I was not on this particular tour; however, I get an email from Matt about the previous night’s experience with the ghost kitty.  In an audio clip from this particular night, Matt starts out by explaining how I heard a “meow” the previous week and how a female tour guest experiences something touch her foot.  So, after this introduction and a few more passing seconds, another disembodied meow can be heard audibly and captured on recorder.  This audio capture is more clear and audible than the capture I had from the previous week.

To listen to this audio capture, please visit

It seems apparent that this kitty enjoys the company and is growing more fond of Matt’s late night para tours. As an animal lover, I can’t help but wonder if he/she is content on the ship.  It breaks my heart to think that this little cat may be wandering around aimlessly trying to find his/her owner.  However, from peoples’ experiences, the cat does seem to enjoy calling the dressing area his/her home.

He/she is such a sweet little feline; make sure, when you walk into the dressing stalls, to say “Hello” or “Meow” to this cute kitty.

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