Jackie Wants the Bouncy Ball

On one of my several guest visits on Matthew Schulz’ late-night Queen Mary para tours, I had an intuitive moment, if you will, communication that ensued between little Jackie and I.  As Matt was setting the live audio listening with his Paranologies’ Phonopod, I was walking around the upstairs/starboard side of the former first and third class pool, anxiously hoping that Jackie would appear around the corner. Then, I heard these little footsteps, almost sounding as if someone was running, as opposed to walking.  I did not think much about these little footsteps until after the experience I am about to share.

With the Phonopod and live listening system ready to go, Matt started the session by asking questions of Jackie.  Almost immediately, I got an image in my mind’s eye, rather strong by the way, of a little girl, strongly resembling that of Jackie (as I have seen her apparition before).  I was looking down at her and she was looking up at me, her arms stretched outward. Then, I noticed, in my mind’s eye, that she was holding a big shiny blueish/greenish bouncy ball; you know, like the ones they sell in the bins at Rite Aid or Walgreens. I then got the words, “I want the bouncy ball; can I have it?”  Needless to say, I interjected and told Matt that I believe Jackie wants the blueish/greenish bouncy ball.  Now, I knew Matt had a ball in his equipment bag, but I had no idea the color of it.  The only reason I sensed it being blueish/greenish is due to the image of Jackie holding the ball.  That’s it. 

“Oh, she does?”  “I actually have a blue one in my bag, ”  Matt said.  Matt’s ball for Jackie so appropriately has the words, “Jackie Ball” written on it.

Did Matt say, “blue”?  How did I know, out of all the colors, that Jackie wanted the “blueish/greenish” one.  Well, I tend to be intuitive from time to time.  However, I believe there is more:  Jackie and I have built a solid rapport with each other over the years.  She knows when I am there, and I know when she is there.  I also feel that there is some sort of telepathic connection there, too. Jackie is one of the most beloved and intelligent spirits that I have ever come across.  I am still exploring why I have a strong connection to this little spirit of love.  Could we have a past life together?  Could it be possible that we are somehow related, somehow connected to the same familial line? The questions go on and hopefully one day, I will have my answer.

As for the little footsteps I heard, I do believe they came from Jackie.

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