A Universal Message?


I am writing again, to share, yet, another profound intuitive experience that occurred around 2:20 am and after on 8/14/13.  This is chalked up to one of the most mysterious experiences that I have had. Keep the aforementioned date and time in mind.

I woke up early in the morning, not knowing what time it was. I woke up from a dream I was having: a dream of me intently writing about Jackie for my second edition QM book. In the dream, the writing was flowing so nicely-approximately two pages about my introductions about Jackie, and my intuitive impressions and theorizations of her.

In the dream, I had not yet arrived at writing about my experiences and potential captured evidence of Jackie; that writes itself, no problem.

I woke up all hazy-eyed and immediately grabbed my recorder to attempt to voice record the writing of Jackie that I was writing in my dream. Within five minutes, I was forgetting some verbatim sentences, but I was doing my best to capture the essence of what I was writing in my dream.

One of the sentences I wrote from my dream was, “I have often surmised whether Jackie spiritually came through from the RMS Titanic on the day the Queen Mary sailed to and stopped at the Titanic’s sinking spot, for a memorial ceremony for the numerous souls lost that fateful morning of April 15, 1912.”  I clearly remembered this sentence, word-for-word and I eagerly recounted it into my audio recorder.

After I was done recording from my dream, I hit the stop button and set my recorder down. I was curious of what time it was, so I checked the time via my phone. It was 2:54 am. I then said to myself, “I must have woken up from my dream at around 2:20 am as I have been up for about 40 minutes or so. I set my phone down and walked back to bed when the word and image of the Titanic rushed into my mind. I paused,  realizing the connection of the time I woke up and the time of the Titanic sinking.  The Titanic went underwater at 2:20 am on April 15, 1912. Yes, I had, and still have, goosebumps.

Is this somehow a universal message that Jackie is connected to the Titanic,  as I have always wondered about? There is no record of Jackie ever traveling the QM; however back in those days, passenger manifests were not kept as accurate as today.

I really don’t know the message of this experience, but I felt peace and contentment when I woke up from my dream.

Coincidental, all of this? Could be, but in my heart, I feel that it is a lot more.

All of us are more connected than we think possible.

Namaste my friends!

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