Why is the Queen Mary Haunted?  Some Proposed Theories

The paranormal field has been studied for many, many years.  To this day, no one really knows why ghosts and hauntings exist.  What does exist, however, are developed theories as to why the world experiences the paranormal.  In my opinion, in order to come closer to understanding what constitutes the supernatural realm, one must study and examine aspects of a person’s metaphysical being.  Understanding concepts, such as consciousness and personality, will lay the groundwork for coming closer to the questions that man has had since the dawning of time:  “What are ghosts, why does a place become haunted and how does personality survive death?”  Learning about the nature of human existence will inevitably help us in comprehending the spiritual world. 

    I will share with you some of the common theories as to why the Queen Mary is haunted as well as delving into my own personal beliefs as to why the ship is reported to be one of the most haunted places on this planet. Again, these are only proposed theories.  It is perfectly okay that some readers may not agree with my personal theories for why the ship is a paranormal hot spot; however, I do want to share them.

     As a paranormal investigator and researcher, I firmly believe that you simply cannot separate a location’s history from its ghostly activity.  Usually, the paranormal events surrounding a location coincide with its history.  Thus, historical impressions have been retained in the environment and hold imprints from the past.  For example, battlefields are known to be some of the most paranormally active places on earth.  Just imagine all of the emotion and death that are associated with battlefields.  We are not talking about the death of one or two people, but hundreds to thousands of people have died on battlefields.

     Over time, several prevalent theories have been developed that might explain why ghosts and hauntings occur in the living world.  Ghosts and spirits seem to be attracted to places that have experienced a lot of emotion, tragedy and death.  The RMS Queen Mary is not exception. Hospitals, convalescent centers, battlefields, prisons, sanatoriums, cemeteries, crime scenes and churches have all experienced scores of paranormal activity.  On the other end of the spectrum, paranormal energy seems to be attracted to places full of happiness and euphoria.  This can possibly explain why places such as, theatres, taverns, weddings, dance halls, hotels and theme parks have been known to have ghostly activity.  The Mary, has a rich history on the seas, complete with the polar opposites of tragedy/death and happiness/success.

     Another theory as to why places become haunted has to do with ionic energy and the Electromagnetic Field Spectrum.  Many paranormal investigators use equipment that can produce ions because it is thought that ionic energy helps a spirit to manifest.  It is also thought that a high Electromagnetic Field or EMF contributes to the growth of ghostly energy.  It is theorized that electromagnetic energy can be a foundation for paranormal activity.  Ghosts seem to be attracted to places that have high areas of electromagnetic energy.  There are many EMF meters on the market, and it is one of the most invaluable tools that an investigator should have in his arsenal.

      Loyd Auerbach is one of the world’s most respected and experienced paranormal investigators.  In his book, Ghost Hunting: How To Investigate The Paranormal, he discusses how Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Canda examined how the magnetic field can influence humans and their behavior.  Persinger found correlations between psychic experiences and the changing magnetic field.  As the magnetic field increased or decreased, people would report psychic experiences.  Furthermore, Persinger found that the temporal lobes seemed to be most affected.  He developed a helmet for research subjects to wear, that would generate magnetic fields, which would then cause them to experience a variety of psychic phenomena. 

     Antiques and personal belongings may also explain why a location becomes paranormally active.  It is theorized that some ghosts are attached to a particular object.  Thus, wherever the object is, the ghost will most likely be right beside it.  People who have had emotional bond to their items want to be near them or make sure that they are kept safe and preserved.  This can possibly explain why some homes, museums, antique stores and libraries become haunted.  There are various Art-Deco memorabilia still present on the ship.  In the early 1990s, the Mary housed the RMS Titanic exhibit, complete with authentic artifacts from the vessel.  Could this be why some people have had experiences with former Titanic passengers?  It must also be mentioned that the RMS Titanic and RMS Queen Mary are often compared to each other.  On the Mary’s 1936 maiden voyage, the ship sailed past the exact spot of the Titanic’s demise, and stopped for a few moments to offer its condolences. Could this also explain why some Titanic passengers are seen and felt roaming the halls of the Mary?

     Places that contain portals and vortexes are also known to house ghostly energy.  Portals and vortexes are kind of difficult to explain and understand.  Generally speaking, a portal allows spirits to travel from the living world to the spiritual world.  Think of it like a bridge connecting two planes of existence.  Many paranormal researchers define a vortex as having a lot of spiritual energy.  Vortexes are also thought to be one of the steps of spiritual manifestation.  Vortexes basically look like a tubular funnel containing mass amounts of orbs.  They resemble the shape of ropes and camera straps.  A vortex assists the entity in being continuously charged with energy.  The Queen Mary’s former First and Third Class Pool’s dressing area is purported to house a portal.  Many people experience odd feelings and sensations when inside these dressing room areas.

     Unfortunately, many entities are earth-bound and are unable to move on for various reasons.  For example, a person who experienced a sudden and violent death may not know he or she is dead and continues to perform life’s duties.  Ghosts are also stuck in our world simply due to unfinished business or completing a mission.  Furthermore, some entities make the choice to stay on our plane of existence.  Then, there are those who can travel to and from our world when they need to help a friend or loved one.  There are many aspects that can explain why an entity becomes earth-bound as opposed to finally going home.  Many resident spirits of the Mary are happy to call the ship “home.”  And, sadly, others are stuck, continuously searching for their exit off the ship.

     Ley Lines and water may also explain why places become haunted.  It is theorized that Ley lines themselves may contribute to or cause paranormal activity.  Water is a natural conductor of electricity.  Locations that contain a lot of water have been known to experience paranormal activity.  If ghosts and spirits use electrical energy to manifest, than it could explain why places on or near water become haunted.  The RMS Queen Mary is currently moored in the waters of Long Beach harbor.  Additionally, her iron hull and 56 varieties of interior woods may retain spiritual energy, further alluding to the ship’s mysticism.

       The ship sees scores of visitors each year from all walks of life.  You better believe that when they step foot on the Mary’s decks, they want to experience the paranormal.  Thus, could this have something to do with the ship’s paranormal side?  Is it possible that the mind can project its wishes onto an object and thus, influence that object?  I think it may be possible, of course, especially when thousands of people are involved.

And, then, there are the elusive aspects to why the Mary is one of earth’s most haunted gems.  Perhaps there are other theories, still to be unearthed, that can explain the ship’s mysteries.  Regardless of the proposed theories, perhaps, man is to never know exactly why a place or location becomes a magnet for spiritual energy.  

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