In the Company of Sir Winston Churchill?


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My mom and I frequently travel to the RMS Queen Mary to simply enjoy its ambience, history and delectable cuisine. About a year ago, both my mom and I had an interesting encounter, which occurred right at the base of the Promenade Deck stairs located on the starboard side, which leads directly up to the Sun Deck.

As we started to proceed toward the upper deck, both my mother and smelled a powerful cigar, however there was no visible cigar smoke or anyone puffing on one for that matter.  I quickly ran down the stairs to see if anyone had lit a cigar on Promenade Deck.  Not surprisingly, no one was present with such a smoke.  Then, I rapidly ascended the stairs to see if anyone was present outside on Sun Deck with a lit stogie in their mouth.  Again, no one was there to fit that description.

My mom and I looked at each other, pondering where the strong smell was coming from.  The smell was so powerful and it seemed to be located on the stairs.  One such specter who has often times been sensed with a cigar is none other than the late British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.  Amazed, I wondered if we encountered Churchill, on one of his ethereal strolls on the Mary.  In my heart, I would like to think so.

The saga continues later on as we decided to take a walk by the Winston Churchill Suite.  Again, that strong permeating cigar smoke hit our nose, right when we came upon the front entrance door leading to the stateroom appropriately named after Winston.  Furthermore, we both heard a conversation between two people, but the room was empty as the lights inside the room were definitely in the off position. Just to make sure, I double-checked with the hotel front desk, and it was confirmed that the Churchill Suite was unoccupied at the time.  So, where did that same cigar smoke come from?  Who was talking inside the room?  Was it a residual disembodied conversation from Churchill’s sojourn on the ship during her World War II days?

This encounter seemed to point in the direction of being paranormal, as other visitors to the ship have also reported that they have heard disembodied conversations emanating from the suite, as well as smelling phantom cigar smoke while walking right past the suite’s entrance door.

There is one more layer to this story:  later on, as my mom and I sat at one of the wooden tables, located in front of the small coffee shop outside of the Promenade Café, we noticed, once again, that same cigar smoke.  At this point, I was convinced that someone was following us around the ship.  Was Churchill following us around the ship?  Or, was it a lonely soldier or former passenger wanting some company?  Interestingly, I have surmised that this ghost liked being in the presence of my mom’s energy. 

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