Childhood Laughter


Childhood Laughter

As mentioned in the beginning pages of this book, my very first visit to the RMS Queen Mary, took place in 2007.  It was on this very premiere visit that I had one of the most profound paranormal encounters while touring the former first and third class pool room.

     On my very first Haunted Encounters tour aboard the Mary, I was excited to traverse some of the paranormal hot spots located in the vessel’s lower decks.  Our tour guide was awesome and displayed a passion, excitement and love for his job.  I distinctly remember him saying that if anyone referred to the Mary as a boat, he would gladly throw them overboard.  Of course, he was being humorously sarcastic.  The point he was trying to make was that the grand vessel is a ship and not a boat.

We commenced the tour in an area next to the massive exhibit hall.  As we all sat eagerly awaiting the start of the expedition, my friends and I talked amongst ourselves about some of the legendary ghost tales that circumvent the ship.  As our escort arrived, introduced himself and explained some of the haunted history, we all journeyed to our first stop:  the former first and third class pool room.

My initial glimpse of the pool was via a webcam of the pool room on my computer, trying to see if I could catch any ethereal specters from my apartment setting 90 miles away.  To actually be standing inside the grand pool room was surreal, to say the least.  I immediately imagined, as I looked at the empty pool, what it was like to be a cabin or first class passenger on the Mary, getting my towel and taking a swim in the luxurious salt water pool.

As we all positioned ourselves around the pool’s slide, our guide shared some of the encounters that he has had while working on the Mary.  He went on to reveal the time when he remembers feeling a small child’s hand grab onto his, while he was leading a crowd on an excursion to the former first class pool.  I remember him saying that this experience is what enabled him to believe that ghosts do exist on the ship. 

As our time neared its end in this paranormal hot spot, I remember telling my friend, “I want to stay down here so bad.”  I also had an Olympus digital recorder running as well.  Right after I told my friend the above statement, you can clearly hear a young female child’s creepy laughter.  Mind you, there was no child on the tour and no child within a close vicinity of the pool room.  Thus, I could not figure out where this laughter came from as it sounded as though it was in close proximity to my recorder. 

After doing numerous investigations in the former first and third class pool room, I can clearly tell when a voice is stemming from inside the structure as opposed to happening outside its walls.  Sounds have an echo quality to them when they occur from inside the pool room.  This child’s laughter definitely had this reverberation quality and since it occurred in adjacent immediacy to my recorder, I was therefore not able to logically explain this voice as being anything other than paranormal. 

At the time of capturing this electronic voice phenomena capture, or EVP, I was only mildly aware of the famed ghost girl named Jackie.  So, at the time of obtaining this audio piece, I was not aware that this angelic voice came from Jackie.  As the years progressed and I conducted numerous other research projects on the ship, I soon found out that Jackie and I would develop a strong rapport.  I have seen, heard and sensed her many times throughout the ship’s inner walls. 


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